These are some of the things you may wish to consider:


Guardians -

If you have minor children living with you maybe from a previous relationship or children born of your existing partnership, you may wish to appoint guardians in case your child’s other parent does not survive you.



Executors -

Someone you can trust to deal with the administration of your estate.



Property Trust -

If you own a property jointly with someone and want to secure your share of the property for the benefit of your family to stop them being disinherited (see Property Trust).



Joint Tenancy Severance -

If you own your property as joint tenants in equity and wish to include the above trust in your will (see Property Trust).



Specific Gifts -

Are there any heirlooms you wish to gift?



Distribution of your

residual estate -

Who is to inherit your estate?



Funeral Arrangements -

Do you wish to be buried or cremated? Any special arrangements?





Lasting Power of Attorney -

A simple accident or illness at any age may be all it takes to leave a person totally dependent on others. A Lasting Power of Attorney document therefore is as important as your will document. You have to be of sound mind when you instruct your Lasting Power of Attorney – don’t wait until it’s too late. See more information here.



Document storage -

Storing your will document safely.



Pre-marital Agreement -

Where two people contemplating marriage agree that their personal estate shall always remain their own and shall remain forever from claim by the other



Cohabit agreement -

An agreement by which two people agree terms under which they will live together.


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